Friday 17 December 2010

November 22nd–26th


Looks like not that much happened this week

Nicola came into the studio to work on the Monday.

Tuesday saw Angelo and I doing some moving to give him a a drawing table we use for proof reading. I feel this will make it seem more like he is working like a scribe! It seemed to work in that he felt it made a difference.

P1060499Last week I called Aylson at GFSmith to ask if we could get some light coloured Colourplan samples in A5. They arrived today – so excited to play with them but funnily enough it seems even though things are a little quite I still cant find the time to get to the box.

CAT HAMMOND! Yeah! I have not spoken with Cat in ages and now comes a job from her and I have to talk with her about the stock and delivery dates. It is always great when someone you like crops up in life.


Thursday saw me once again at the INK Exhibition at UCL but this time I am demonstrating Formal Calligraphy which contrasts starkly with the modern and free form lettering I did two weeks ago. I decided to cut quills to show attendees and demonstrate writing out some Textualis Quadrata most commonly referred to as ‘gothic’. I took some vellum and papyrus for people to see but it was principally about how ink works. My good friend, Stephen Quirke form the Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology came by to see me demonstrating. I also met .... who practises Farsi Calligraphy. We had a great chat about ink and reeds and paper.

It turned out to be quite an interesting day with Marigold from the palaeography department at UCL, coming by to say hello and chat about writing. It was freezing though and am glad for the warmth and friendship of Rhiannan and Subadrah! We had a great time talking shop.

There are some videos to post as well. One on the actual writing and one on quill cutting. Will get those posted and let you know where.

Friday came and went without event! Sarah not in but half way through the afternoon Gerri Sweetland turned up looking radiant. We talked shop as there are a few up coming jobs to design and follow up the printing of but also to deal with the calligraphy on.

I gave her a tonne of samples to take with her.


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