Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Dec 20th–31st

I am really looking forward to the break!

P1060624Monday saw us winding down but a bit of a stressful book from Helen at Walton Street Stationery Company. A beautiful big book arrived! the client wanted copperplate on the front as a message and inside the book our little slanted caps. The book was a Thames & Hudson book. Ah the joys of coated paper. After explaining to Helen only a biro/ball point pen will work on this lovely slick paper she called the client and got him to agree to the job.

Funny, now that I see the photo of the work and the high gloss on the paper, I cant believe I even said yes to this. But Helen is great and I will do anything to help her out!

Tuesday and Wednesday saw me flat on my back with flu. Had to be in on Thursday to finish Britta’s invitations and get them off to her that evening. Really felt like Death Warmed over! Not pleasant working with one is so ill.

Thursday saw me finalising the Save The Date for the Big Event with Javier and Tony at By Appointment Only Design and Brides Magazine and One Mayfair. It will be held on the 11th from 630pm. I sent them a few variations on the Save the Dates but in the end they went with this one

Save the Date I spent some time on Thursday talking with Anne-Marie at Cutture about the complex design for the invitations – now that is going to be fun.

Shut the studio from the 24th! yeah! But that does not mean nothing will be done till the new year.

Apart from getting over the flu and suffering from 2 migraine attacks, I spent sometime working on new invitation designs for the up coming shows.

Today is the 29th and I came in to find some invoices (have to return some things) but decided to play with my freshly made ruling pens. It is great being in here and not working. Not going to stay long though because that will definitely mean I will end up working. Hope you enjoy them. And have a great New Year!



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  1. Happy New Year Paul! Hope you are feeling better. I wish you health and happiness in 2011!