Tuesday 19 October 2010

What we work on

It is funny how this blog started.

I am in the process of work on some little vids for the website, yes, I know it is still a holding page! And so been in touch with some of our suppliers to get samples to play with.

This has started a series of visits to where things get made and what better way to start the blog.

On Monday and Tuesday last week (11th and 12th October) we, Angelo, Alistair and I, went off to James Cropper Plc with the lovely people from our paper supplier, GFSmith to see how Colourplan, the main paper we use, is made.



The view from the bridge! Below is the outside of the mill.


Bales of Colourplan awaiting recycling, I nearly fainted. And there, embedded in all that colour was my Tabriz Blue (which our ‘Thank You’ cards are currently being printed in – will be available for sale soon!)


The next thing we saw what the pulped paper, so beautiful and clean.


And this is what it comes wrapped in!


We stayed on at a beautiful hotel on the shores of Lake Wyndemere with the other attendees talking about Paper. Thanks so much to Alyson Hurst and Beth Powell at GFSmith!

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