Tuesday 19 October 2010

Studio Work

We got back from the Lake District all excited and invigorated. I came up with some new ideas based on what I had seen at the paper mill and what I was able to discuss with Alyson from GFSmith. But also  from what I saw at the Designer Wedding Show the previous week.

Thanks to the team at the DWS as well as our friends on the By Appointment Only Design, Javier and Tony and Team: Helen at The Walton Street Stationery Company: Britta at The Couture  Gallery for putting up with us!

Here is some of the work that happened this week


Some delicately flourished Spencerian script


More Spencerian in our colours – white on grey. All the letters to the guys at the mill, and the staff at GFSmith were done like this and sent off.


Nicola and Keiko beavering away. My mum is also in the corner, under the stairs, learning basic, upright italic.


It seemed this week ended with certificates galore! The ‘London Business School’ ones were A3, I could not believe it, these were done in our own ‘Kensington Script’. This is the standard ‘Princes Trust’ ones where all the text is handwritten in copperplate. The ‘Fullers’ certificates were in their usual 'upright italic.

They were all left ready for Sarah to proof read on Monday. And that was last week!

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